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Document Scanning

Document Scanning

KOTA’s Document Scanning & Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services enable businesses, government agencies, and organizations of all types to turn paper documents into organized and searchable digital files. By outsourcing scanning to our document imaging specialists, your company can focus on delivering value to your customers and leave the paper pushing to us.

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Backfile Scanning Services
Backfile scanning services, also known as backfile conversion, is the act of digitizing and indexing large volumes of documents and storing them in a searchable digital archive. The types of documents that can be digitized include business documents such as legal and financial records, personnel files, and contracts.
Many companies choose to integrate the images into their business systems, such as document management or enterprise content management software.

Day-forward Scanning Services
Despite efforts to go “paperless” or reduce paper storage and processing, many companies still depend on paper for day-to-day business operations. Industries ranging from financial services and healthcare to manufacturing and distribution rely on processing paper-based forms, applications, bills of lading, invoices, and more.
Day-forward scanning services is the process of scanning, indexing, and storing documents to a document imaging system as they are produced or received.

Book & Large Format Scanning
Our SOC-certified facility and equipment have the capacity for scanning projects of all shapes and sizes including large format media. Types of large format media include engineering and architectural drawings, blueprints, books, and periodicals.
Our large format scanners and scanning software provide high-resolution images that can be organized into searchable digital archives for libraries, colleges/universities, government agencies, historical societies, engineering and architectural firms.

Microfilm/Microfiche Conversion
Once the preferred method of storing vast amounts of archival data, microform images are as much historic artifact as the information they contain. With high-quality optical scanners, we offer microform to digital conversion services to affordably make the troves of information contained in microform much more accessible in digital format.

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